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Made for singles who call on the name of Yah who are searching for their soul-mate. This is not a dating website or a website for "hooking up". Only those serious about marriage should join.

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Mingle with singles set-apart to Yah, who are seeking marriage. Court or be courted by marriage minded singles.

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Only commandment keepers who call on Yah (YHWH, Yahweh, Yahuwah, Ahayah, the Most High etc...) are welcomed. We check each and every profile to ensure the right people are on our site.

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search the inner man

Dating online can be daunting, dangerous as well as beneficial. Fact is its chance taking. As believers of Yahweh we expect the truth and sincerity from ones who post that they desire to be with someone of like mind. Mos… »

It would be nice if the women were more responsive!

Other than sending holy winks lol, scratch kisses! I would actually like to have a real conversation for a change... I mean can we do more than just play electronic tag and hide behind the screen? I see some people don&#… »

No More Sacrifice Needed

The Ultimate Sacrifice? Many people of various faiths believe that Jesus Christ, whose Israelite name variations include Yeshua, Yahshua, et al., was “God in the flesh.” The purpose of this text is to clarify some discre… »

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Almost 25% of our members are Vegetarians

A recent poll reveals that almost 25% of our members are Vegetarians. We asked our members, “Are you a Vegetarian or Meat Eater?” 339 Members of Yah’s Singles answered this question The Results are in!… »

Beauties of Older Women; Men should Not Overlook!

Young Woman have Youth & Beauty that can’t be denied. It’s desirable to a man who is looking to start a family or feel youthful. Ecclesiasticus 36:22 The beauty of a woman cheereth the countenance, and a… »